Connection or control?

A lovely first session of the adult classes. Already the dogs are learning to connect with their owners. Connection or control? Which would you choose? I know my preference :)

Reactive dogs

Reactive dogs! Having read and shared Suzanne Clothiers wise post on Facebook yesterday it got me thinking about reactive dogs. “Yet, over and over I hear this same heart-breaking refrain from handlers, "How can I make this dog less fearful/more confident/braver so we can [fill in goal of choice]? I wish more handlers would ask, "How do I find the right sized world for this dog so that she does not experience anxiety, fear, alarm, worry, distress?" Suzanne Clothier 2017 So, what is a reactive dog? Reactive is the term used to describe over the top reactions to certain stimuli. It might be the sight of other dogs, people, kids, cars, loud noises etc. Typically, the dog will bark and/or lunge

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