Press Release: Dog Behaviour Clinic Joins the Pet Professional Guild’s #ShockFreeCoalition to End the Use of Electric Shock as a Training Tool for Pets Global Advocacy Campaign and Website Launch Takes Place September 25, 2017 For the welfare of pets and those around them, and to improve the relationship people have with them, the Pet Professional Guild (PPG), an international member association for animal behavior and training professionals, is launching a global advocacy campaign and website to end the practice of using electric shock to train, manage, and care for pets. Dog Behaviour Clinic is proud to participate in this worthy initiative as a local partner, to provide resources and

2nd nail trimmed

Second nail trimmed. It is so important to listen to what our dogs are telling us.... and to have patience! Using the bucket game is not a quick "fix" but a way to build a dogs confidence and a way to communicate how they feel about what is happening to them. You will see at around 1.13 that I could have gone ahead and trimmed the nail by holding on to his paw but he indicated he wanted me to stop, which I did immediately. If we do not listen, the game won't work and our dogs will lose trust in us.

First nail trimmed

Nail trimming using the bucket game. Introducing the clippers and then actually trimming one nail. I am more nervous using them than he is! Great session. We kept it short and only did one nail - the rules of this bucket game are that he needs to look at the bucket to signal it's ok to carry on. As soon as he looks away, everything must stop. This game gives choice and control to dogs nervous of various procedures or handling, building their confidence through gradual desensitisation.

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