Reactive dogs


Dogs that are aggressive or intolerant of other dogs represent over 50% of aggression cases referred to the Dog Behaviour Clinic.

To own a dog who is reactive towards other dogs can produce a dramatic decline in quality of life or enjoyment of the human–dog relationship.

Owners become social outcasts whilst walking their dog, often going to deserted spots early in the morning or late at night. The pleasures of meeting and being amongst other dogs and their owners are taken away by having a dog liable to fight.

There can be numerous reasons dogs suddenly become reactive to other dogs (and indeed people). We usually ask you to have your dog checked over by your Vet if the behaviour is new or has worsened recently. Pain is a common contributor to reactivity.

Get in touch and we can discuss how to help your dog. 

We will work through the five C's to help your dog feel safe and connected.


Please note: I have a complete ban on choke chains, gentle leaders, head halti's and other coercive or punitive techniques. No harsh methods are used.  My training uses positive reinforcement and building the relationship.