If your dog pulls towards a trigger (dog, human, car etc) in excitement or reactivity please: 1. Use a harness - imagine the damage being done to his neck by a collar

2. Give him space - if he is reacting by pulling towards the trigger, he is too close! 3. Please do not use Sit - Sit was seen as the "cure all" default behaviour. If you are scared of something - would you be able to Sit if too close?

4. Do not jerk the lead or shout at him - this can build negative associations with the scary stimulus and cause him to feel worse (and even lead to aggression)

5. Begin training at a distance where he does NOT react

6. Allow your dog to move away if he chooses to 7. Get some professional help from someone who will use force-free methods, allow your dog choices and use the environment to help your dog cope with triggers, gradually desensitising him at a distance where he can cope.

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