Head haltis/gentle leaders aka instruments of torture

Why don’t we use head halti’s/gentle leaders?

Have a look at the explanation of how they work:

# Gentle pressure is transferred to the back of the neck, naturally stimulating a relaxation response (the same as when a mother carries a puppy by the scruff of its neck).

# Gentle pressure around the muzzle of the nose loop naturally gives a relaxation response.

# It works like a halter on a horse – where the nose goes the body will follow.

# There are no metal parts in contact with the dog's skin and the point of steering is well down the nose and away from the eyes. # A particular feature of the halti which is not shared by other designs of headcollar, is that it has an on-off muzzling action to close the dog's jaws when required, making it a multi-functional training device.

Does ANY of that sound GENTLE? It sounds more like a steering device and it does not teach your dog how to walk nicely on a lead – it supposedly works because the dog wants to avoid the pressure on his neck/nose!

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