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Accredited and experienced Canine Behaviourist and Dog Trainer

About me

I am dedicated to providing fear-free, ethical dog training and behaviour modification. As an accredited Canine Behaviourist and Dog Trainer, I prioritise the emotional and welfare needs of each individual dog. I believe in relationship-centred training and use only kind, force-free methods. My goal is to empower dog guardians with effective management and skills, ensuring a positive and rewarding experience for both the dog and the owner.


I am a Fear Free Practitioner,


I believe in training with kindness and respect. By understanding and responding to your dog's body language, we can build a strong, trusting relationship. I prioritise the emotional and physical well-being of each dog, which is why I do not use aversive tools or techniques. Let's work together to create a positive and rewarding training experience for you and your canine comp[anion

I reject  LIMA - framed as Least Intrusive Minimally Aversive hierarchies of method selection because it still allows behaviour practitioners and trainers to employ aversive methods when less aversive or intrusive methods have not worked.  Aversive training has no place in any interaction with animals, including those with aggressive behaviours. There are no exceptions to this standard. Punishment and aversives have no role in animal training or behaviour modification. 

                                                                 No Pain, No Force, No Fear, No coercion


With over 30 years of experience working with dogs, I have extensive knowledge of all breeds. As a co-author of four books on dog behaviour and a facilitator of seminars and practical weekends, I am dedicated to educating others in the field. As co-director of Without Worry Canine Education and a behaviourist for multiple dog rescues, I am committed to promoting the responsible care and understanding of canine behaviour. I also accept behaviour referrals from local vet practices.

Learning and CPD

  • Level 6 qualification in Canine Behaviour Management with distinction    

  • Diploma in Canine Behaviour

  • Certificate of Dog Training

  • Certificate of Canine Behaviour Problems 

  • Higher certificate in Cynology

  • Diploma in Canine Aggression, with distinction

  • Diploma in Canine Hydrotherapy

  • Canine Scent detection

  • Raw dog food nutrition specialist 

  • Animal Behaviour and Welfare Level 4

  • Diploma in Evolution

  • Diploma in early puppy development

  • Fear-free professional accreditation

  • TTouch bodywork

  • CMA canine psychologist

  • Fear Free Practitioner exam

I have worked as an external behaviourist for Dog's Trust and I work with a number of different rescues including:


German Shepherd Dog Welfare Fund

Terrier SOS

Stokenchurch dog rescue

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue, Wisbech

Dog's Trust

Bedlington Terrier - appointed behaviourist for this area

Brunos Animal Haven

RSPCA East Lincolnshire



fear free practitioner
Canine behaviourist

Some of our feedback

I have had great behaviourist advice from Lisa Hird. It’s helped me and helped Nellie. As we live so far away a zoom call was the only way”.

J & Nellie


“Lisa is amazing and the only behaviourist I would recommend to people”.



“Lisa is amazing, I try to see her once a month but it's not always possible as she isn't that close to me, not miles away but a good 20 miles, however I would travel twice the distance or further to get the right advice.

I have sent her videos, cried, got frustrated sent her long desperate messages if I've had a bad experience, and she always responds and makes me feel better. Tilly adores her and I'm sure she would happily move in with her. I swear she looks at me with despair saying, "look stupid, that's how you do it" 😂 Lisa always gives me confidence and self belief, and that's what helps me when I'm feeling so useless”.

Fran & Tilly


“We and Hettie cannot thank you enough for all your amazing advice. You have transformed our lives”.

Wendy & Hettie



“Have to say Lisa, best training class I’ve been to. Tilda got home chilled and didn’t go bonkers over Teddy 😊”

Veronica & Tilda


“Maxwell made 2 friends today! The first they were both on the lead! But Max let it come say hello, they sniffed and even walked together about 100 yards 😊 the other they were both off and me and the owner stood chatting as they ran around and played 😊 we may have had a few issues in between, but the best start and end to our walk today? So proud of my boy”!!

Charlotte and Maxwell



“Someone’s tired! Thank you so much for a helpful training session. Rodney absolutely loved it and we learnt so much in a such a short space of time. Your training approach is exactly as we’d hoped. He has been sleeping since you left. Only waking up to move into his bed. Your advice and suggestions are practical and easy for us to apply. Thank you.”

Carla & Rodney


“Izzy really enjoyed herself tonight, thank you. I’m looking forward to getting her to use her nose more”.

Sharon and Izzy



“Big thanks Lisa for the help with Martha and Doli the French Bulldogs. Putting all the tips you gave us in motion and it seems to be working. Thanks again, we will stay in touch and keep you up to date with the progress”.

Rob, Martha and Doli



“Happy Birthday Poppy! 3 today – wow a grown up at last 😉 Big thanks to Lisa at the Dog Behaviour clinic for her patience supporting us through our anxieties. Poppy has grown into a lovely dog – a complete change to the scared puppy that came to us 2 years ago. Just need to work on the no teeth policy and be a little less eager greeting people. Also need to work on the seeing other dog issue but we’ll save that for another time”.

Rebecca and Poppadom


“AMAZING!! is all I can say......

I'll tell you a story to explain. I have Mabel a 1 yr old lurcher, Mabel is a happy soul active, rugged and very clever. Unfortunately Mabel has a dark past, she was dreadfully mistreated, starved and beaten by her previous owners and at the age of 4 months was put in a bin bag with her litter mates and thrown out of a van. She battled through gradually recovering, and eventually we had the privilege of rehoming this amazing little being.

We attended Lisa's puppy life skills class last year when Mabel was about 9 months old and it was fantastic Mabel was a wild child to say the least! It wasn't conventional training as id attended in the past, sit stay lie down etc. She learnt manners and we learnt methods to help Mabel develop polite behaviour and confidence. The transformation in her was amazing and I would definitely recommend the classes to anyone. Shortly after we tried to have Mabel neutered unfortunately a heart problem was revealed which delayed getting her neutered and caused a lot of vet visits and tests. She then came into season and this caused Mabel to flip, she suddenly became uncontrollable on the lead  around people and other dogs, I tried everything I could think of but it was like her mind was blown.

We tried to get her neutered again, this time she was so anxious she had a fit. All this time the reactivity with other dogs was

getting progressively worse. Eventually in January we managed to get her neutered and now recovered I decided we needed to tackle the lead issues particularly the reactivity. I got back in touch with Lisa for a one to one session. Lisa and her student were amazing working in the house with Mabel and then going for a walk. They worked out she was scared of people and showing frustration towards other dogs, she also showed fear when we came across a van - thinking about her past it seems obvious now

The progress we made was fab and with continuous work from me I really hope Mabel will get to be the confident happy chappy she deserves to be. Without the Dog Behaviour Clinic we wouldn't have got this far, sit stay and lie down was never going to be enough for Mabel, and to be honest I'm not sure it's enough for any dog. I am an absolute convert, invaluable techniques learnt and a new beginning for my little furry friend “😍😍😍😀😀

Claire & Mabel



Sadly the dog behaviour and training industry is largely unregulated, leaving dog owners confused as to who is qualified and who isn't.  

Always ask before engaging a behaviourist:

  • What "tools" do you use?

  • How will you train my dog?

  • What happens when my dog does not respond the way you want him to?


Aversive tools, coercion and punishment are not necessary and have no place in dog training/behaviour.  If the person you are going to employ mentions shock collars, citronella or water sprays, head halti's etc please look for someone else who does not use force or coercion.


You can also check to see if they are accredited. Check the UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter website for membership organisations 

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