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without worry canine education

Sharing modern expertise with dog guardians and providing quality CPD courses for professionals

Who are we?

Dale McLelland is in Ayrshire, Scotland and runs Being Canine. Lisa Hird is in Lincolnshire, England and runs Dog Behaviour Clinic. We have worked together for a long time and discovered our techniques, advice, and ways of working around dogs have the same approach. We decided to develop some unique online blended training programmes together to try to help more dog guardians.

Carry out an internet search for an unwanted behaviour problem and the search engine will give many solutions. Sadly, many of these solutions are inaccurate, incomplete, lacking, or even downright dangerous.

We use only positive, relationship-based training and do not support the use of coercion, aversives or punishment.

We offer a unique blend of online practical training for a number of unwanted behaviours.

Have a look through our website here -

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