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Body language

Dogs communicate through body language, vocalisations, and behavior. Understanding these signals is crucial for building a strong bond with our canine companions. Signs of stress, fear, excitement, and aggression can all be conveyed through subtle cues that are often overlooked. By educating ourselves on the meaning behind their movements and vocalisations, we can better meet their needs and prevent behavior issues from arising. Taking the time to listen and observe our dogs can greatly enhance our relationships with them.

Dogs primarily communicate through nonverbal gestures and movements, using body language to convey their feelings and intentions. By understanding their cues, such as conflict or appeasement behaviours, we can prevent communication from escalating to aggression. Dogs are highly attuned to our body language, allowing them to predict our actions. Recognising and responding to their signals is key in fostering effective communication and preventing misunderstandings. If you need assistance in understanding your dog, consider 1:1 dog training sessions.

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